Wednesday, 16 February 2011

♥Loving You♥

Loving you such a great story i'll create
My story begin in our first met
I love the way you treat me as well as a Princess
Because you appreciating me not because of my beautiful dress
When i became a childish
You will handle me and never being selfish
You just like a new gift from God
My wish come true because of my truly heart
When you staring at me
I'll turn to who you want me to be
When you start talking
My world will stop spinning
In my chapter, you play your role as i wish
And i'll become a good lover as ur gift
I hope this is my last chapter i'll create
I'll always loving you untill i'm dead

♥Princess Lalaland♥

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

♥Reality or Fantasy♥

Wake up! wake up! the sounds always shrieking at my ears
sometime i couldn't bear the noise
They ask me to realise i'm not in fantasy but in reality
I keep going with my journey with my fairytale story
Laughing, insulting and babbling such a monster
Now i as a Princess turn to a warrior
Never look back or thinking what they are saying
I Look forward and keep trying
They can't stop me to make my line
Because my story will be by mine

♥Princess Lalaland♥