Thursday, 31 March 2011

♥Miracle is not fairytale♥

Tired live in sorrow
Hoping there is new chapter by tomorrow
My life just like a shatter glass
I keep them all to have a proper past
Never give-up what i have to face for
Miracle was whisper to me before
Sorrow turn to rainbow
Hoping turn to reality
My dream lover alwayss play music with beautiful chords
I'm waiting him at castle to fetch me by his horse
I'm not just stay at home like other princess
I'm not cinderella which always tidy up the mess
Career and my dream become the main story
Every single page gets envy
My miracle is not appear with magic stick
You can have beautiful story when you are not using any trick
Miracle is just not in fairytale story
Trust it will appear in your life and be your glory

♥ Princess Lalaland ♥

* Thanks to Allah for make it real:)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lalaland is Real!!

Okay...tajuk je nmpk xdela gempak mne pon..sebelum ni aku jst wrote poem je kan??skang aku nk bercerita lak.'s about my life. I used to be live in my'imaginary world',Lalaland rite?some people call me crazy...some people said 'ko ni kuat beranganlah!' but do i care??LOL! yeah Lalaland doesn't exist..but now my life is apart of my Lalaland story.okay2...back to our topic...hurm..sebenarnyer aku ase happy ngn life aku skang ni...yela..aku da de prince aku yg baik,aku da ade 'kuda @ Mimo',and!aku da ade career aku. when i lying down on my bed and thinking,what i wanted most in the world and i realize all those stuff now in my hand!syukur Alhamdulillah.I'm not tend to show off but i it's more to appraisement.Tinggal satu perkara je lg,sambung degree...yeah aku mmg nk sambung degree,but for now,aku blom stabil lg..dr segi masa and money too!okay,klu psl duit,parents aku leh support sket klu psl masa,gosh!!i don't think i can make it!lg2 aku ni jenis yg suke weekend,dok dating,dok rmh,tdo,mkn,tdo,hasilnyer Pika yg GEMOK!so we'll see,ble aku akn smbung,but for sure dlm masa terdekatla..bak kata pepatah 'DARE TO DREAM'. Aku percaya benda tu,sbb ble aku berimaginasi,aku happykan otak aku,tup tap,benda tu jd real. So for those yg ingat aku ni kuat beranganlah,gilalah,now u can see the prove!see ya!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

♥Poison in Miracle♥

Miracle loves when their story are create
Sadness will disappear wait until for the death
Smiling and giggling are cures for all deceases
Tears and gloomy are totally not exist
Summer turns to cloudy just in one chapter
The pages didn't realize the story is about suffer
Heart feels live in heaven
Body swim like in poison
Happiness died because they can't breathe
Hurt be a winner and be a lead
Potion can't cure all diseases
Tear return to get their trophies
Shining pretend to shine at the castle
It's just live in poison in miracle

♥Princess Lalaland♥