Thursday, 31 March 2011

♥Miracle is not fairytale♥

Tired live in sorrow
Hoping there is new chapter by tomorrow
My life just like a shatter glass
I keep them all to have a proper past
Never give-up what i have to face for
Miracle was whisper to me before
Sorrow turn to rainbow
Hoping turn to reality
My dream lover alwayss play music with beautiful chords
I'm waiting him at castle to fetch me by his horse
I'm not just stay at home like other princess
I'm not cinderella which always tidy up the mess
Career and my dream become the main story
Every single page gets envy
My miracle is not appear with magic stick
You can have beautiful story when you are not using any trick
Miracle is just not in fairytale story
Trust it will appear in your life and be your glory

♥ Princess Lalaland ♥

* Thanks to Allah for make it real:)

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