Saturday, 1 January 2011

♥Just For My Next Prince Charming♥

I always dream to have a good story in my life....
I always dream of my life like a fairytale story.
Now I'm looking for my next Prince Charming.
Your role is really important in my life.
How the story it was, it's all depend on you.
But please play your role as best as you can.
I don't want get hurt anymore.
I don't want create such a bad story.
No matter where you are, the story still can be create as long your heart is mine and my heart is yours.
Maybe this fairytale story is not wonderful or not exactly like cinderella stories.
But it doesn't matter.
For me, each couple has their own stories to create.
I really hope my new Fairytale Story can be much better than before.
and we can live happily ever after.
I'll waiting for the day when you come and fetch me by ur horse.
Make me yours.

♥ Princess Lalaland ♥

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