Monday, 30 May 2011

Drama Queen

Drama queeennnnn....everybody knows about 'the queen of drama'!i'm surrounding by actress and actors!yes!u live in the same earth,and yes u are one of them too!unless u live in other planet (but not in Lalaland oke) why i am talking about this??

Some people may say, ''s normal laaa' or 'but i'm not one of them (really??could she be trusted) Me??can i entitled myself as Drama Princess??hahaha because i love princesses things!Ouh yaaa....of course i'm one of the them too!haha Okay, let me know why i'm turn to plastic??

  1. I don't like act like cranky face because i love to smile and laughing
  2. I don't want anybody hurt, despite she hurt me. Example, I know she hate me so much,talk craps about me and bla,bla,bla but i'm still can smile and act like normal because i don't want treat her like this:

Hater:Hye Pika!have u take ur lunch??

Me :Pass through her with ogle to her.

I'll feel guilty because people will think she talk by herself and of course people will smell something fishy between u and ur hater !

So what i'm going to do is

Hater : Hye Pika!have u take ur lunch??(greet and muahx2 with annoying face)

Me : Hye hater (deep inside my heart,muahahaha) while muahx2 too

If they can act, so am i!

For those people who can't act like a plastic bag,yes i do respect her .They are way2 good than me. I can't say all people have to be plastic, but maybe once she will act when needed. They are zillion peoples out there, we can't think they have to act like us or when she can't pretending, we can't say she's rude. Maybe they got their own point of view right?

I'll act when needed. Not all the time i have to be plastic. Penat kot!Okay whatever it is, my best buddies know me well than others. I don't care people call me 'gedik' and yeah that's me!

There is one good thing when u be plastic, when u still respect others, people will respect u too. Okay maybe u guys don't get it but i love to have friends comparing enemies. If someone hate me, and i know that i'll try to be good. Why should i being the hater too right??Syukur evertyhing was just fine.I don't have any problems except for those 2 girls which still can't accept me or won't change. Lantaklah die... When i close with someone or my ex-haters,i will be myself!I'll try to be good friend which be a good listener and simple words is "Truly Friend".No more DRAMA QUEEN!That it and enough.

The conclusion is, when u hate someone don't hate her/him too much because someday they will be ur friends (if lucky laaa). Yes, i trust with my words. I'm rather being plasctic comparing being to hater. Life like a karma, when u hurt someone, u'll get hurt think it wisely...not all plastic peoples are bad but it's more kind of respecting to our haters. =)

Wuuu...u should scared of Drama Queen =)

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