Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sale...Please Stay Away from Me~ (hypnotizing) 0_0

Ouh, wake up! wake up!

Why i became like this??? it because of and sale....

I want share something about and sale... 0_0

I went to Jusco Equine last night and guess what i found of???


Once i entered the entrance, i saw lots of bags!! OMJAYY... and all is branded type. I can't blink my eyes for second. I was just think 'could i grab all those' yehaaaaaaaaaa!!! but.... just in my mind.

I ran to one of bag and check out the price. OMJAYY again..... it's quiet cheap because they gve discount! I almost faint.

U might think i'll buy one of the bag right?? but Nooooo... I din't buy any bag because i'm saving! Pika saving??? Macam tak percaya je...hahahaha

The truth is i'm not saving, but i'm waiting for my bonus..ngeh2 What's on my mind now, i'll take one bag, pair of heels and few dresses and jeans! I guess it's enough and still stick to my budget. Hurm...

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? You want buy all those things and u said stick to your budget?? The shopping mall is not in your Lalaland k Pika (mind whisper) and suddenly i was realized 'ting!yup,thanks mind!i can't have all those things. I need to cut my budget more! :(

What i'll buy is, i just need buy what i need to buy or something important. But....those heels and handbag important what.... NO!!! say no to heels or whatever it is! You have to skip one or two of it. If you need the dress, don't take the handbag. I wish i could have it all but....i have to save for my own sake.

The budget for my Mimo's service, roadtax by next year and much more. I'm sorry sale....i love you so much but please stay away from me...I'm addicted on you but i need some sacrifice.

Bye bye sale....sob2 :(

Bye bye sale...

Bye bye heels and bags


Bintang Timur said...

Same goes to me, huhu! Bye bye sale... for now :p

Imaginary Girl said...

for now tu yg xleh thn tu...hehehe