Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fairytale Story lame?Make it New!

Do you trust of happy ending? Some people doesn't trust of it but i'm not one of them. I keep my journey with pray and vigor to have my happy ending. I was just thinking why must have happy ending in every fairytale stories? We din't know what happen after the end of the story. Like Cinderella, she's married with her prince charming but we didn't know is she happy with her life after married. Can she be a good princess? because she just an ordinary girl turn to a princess. We didn't know what happen on next chapter. The author created a good story for us which we all know at the end, every couple will have their happy ending. For the next chapter, the couple will keep on the journey or they will quit? We never know.

In real life, it might be tough to have a good story as the author create. Money, love, ambition, aim, responsibility will be a part of our story. No castle, no potion, no prince and princess and there is no animals can talks and sing. I almost gave up with my 'lalaland' because i realized i lived in reality not in fairytale story. I'm not a princess and my boy not a prince. We are not living in castle and no tiara.

BUT all of that things will not give me reasons not to find my happiness. Some people say happiness is a journey not a place. So are with 'happy ending'. Why there should have 'the end' if you are happy. I chose to have my happiness without ending. On my next chapter (after married), maybe i'll through the sadness but i'm not alone. Even though my boy is not a real prince, but he will give me a strength. Yes, we will not live in castle but my an ordinary house will be my lil castle with full of harmonies. There is no animals can sing but my kids can sing a good song for me.

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzell, Lil Mermaid, Mulan, Aladdin was a lame fairtytale stories. I'm not a servant clean up the mess like Cinderella, i'm not sleeping beauty which sleeping all night long, I'm not fools as a snow white, ate a poison apple. Of course i'm not Rapunzell with the long hair, what a mess?

I'll have my fairytale story with new version. I can be a career princess and so are you. Dare to dream and make it real. It is not illegal for you to dreaming. Those people call you crazy, just let them be. The fact is, they crazy because they have no dream. You can be any princess you want to be but in other way. As Cinderella said 'if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish come true'.What i'm dream off? I'll be a career princess and hoping my story will be better than Disney stories. The End

Let's do some changes! From lazy princess to smart princess :D

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