Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When Pervert Has Cellphone

Nowadays, everybody has cellphone but when it comes to 'Batak Peoples' which they still learning how to use cellphone, the problem will exist.

Cellphone is one of requirement in our life, so i'm not surprise if kiddos have it too. They still a kid right? Once when they got the cellphone, they will act like 'omjaayyy...i got a phone! so i want call him,her and bla,bla. They will switch the number and contact each other.

When they grow up and became teen,they love to prank people or flirting around which take someone's number and get prank on him/her like this 'hai, boleh kenal'?? or pretending like 'maaf,saya salah nombor...tapi boleh kenal tak?'

Okay this is normal for teens and not for adults! This tactic was famous when i was in form 3-5. i thought i would not found the same tactic when i was in Poli but daaaa...still same...but it's okay laa..because i don't take it seriously at that time and i think i'm still a teen.hahaha

BUT!now im 22 years old and the tactic still popular. OMJAYYY (like Maria Elena) come one dude!we are on 2011!Now i feel a bit anoyying with person 'ala-ala teens' ,which they love prank or flirty with this way...kemonnn laaa (like Cik Epal) Be grow-up laaa...

I wouldn't wrote this entry if there is nothing happen but IT happened to me many times. I never think i'm popular!(for those think 'aku bajet hot'). Maybe u think this is normal but not for me. Here, by 2 days ago, there was unknown number text me like 'salam' and it's around 12.30 am. So i'm not reply any.

On morning..the weirdo miscall me pulak...so i call the unknown number and suddenly i heard a man voice. So i asked him 'ye,boleh saya bantu?' Then he said 'Ouh, maaf, saya tersalah call' immediately i said 'its oke then' suddenly he said 'tapi boleh saya tahu awk ni kat mana'? I felt annoying with that question and i spoke 'u da salah number,its oke tapi tak perlu tahu i kat mana'.Then i hang-up the phone.

Maybe u think i'm rude right??but i know this type sooooooo WELL. After a minute, he text me like this 'ala,nk tau je kat mana' and i'm not reply it. He's not give-up then he made miscall. I'm just ignore it.

Today, he miscall me again and now he text me like this 'haaiii,nak kenal boleh?' seeee!!!as i told you!then i replied 'X dan jangan ganggu' and he replied 'ala, nak kenal sikit je' shi* man!this jerk totally 'tak makan saman' and i bet he will miscall me again and again. Sigh~

I want block his number but i don't know how to setting my phone! and there was another pervet number too. Senang cerita 'anak jiran nenek'. He need to take medicine because he is crazy. I mean ting tong person and i'm not joking. I guess he saw me at Jamek's retaurant then he's looking for my number,at last he got my number.

When i found he got my number, immediately i told my mom. I'm scared if his ting tong come again and who know he will attack me but im wondering 'orang gila yg bergantung pd ubat pon pandai guna cellphone'??Lucky,he's not bothering me anymore but after a week there is new unknown number which i wrote about him on above. Do u think this 2 guys are related??Whatever it is, i really hate the person who gave my number to all this pervert!I WANT MY PRIVACY JERK!

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